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Remote interviewing

Remote Interviewing is something that you're already asking about. Read more here.

How to Excel at Video Interviews

As social distancing becomes the norm for people, the world of recruitment has had to embrace online technology fast. Read more here.

Are your Interview Questions Illegal?

Refresh your memory on which questions are classed as discrimination in most EU countries. Read more here.

Recruiting Top Talents

How to Spot an Exceptional Candidate

You’ve written the job ad, arranged the interviews and are now in the process of meeting the candidates. The pressure is on to find the best person for the job – but what makes a candidate exceptional? Read more here.

Improve Your Skills to Hire the Best Candidates

Improve your soft skills to bring in the best brains to the company’s talent pool. Read more here. 

Searching for your Purple Unicorn

If you’re on the hunt for a rare candidate whose education and experience fulfils an extremely niche set of criteria then you’re looking for a Purple Unicorn. Read more here.

Supporting Digital Talent Acquisition

Let’s look at how technology can help you with digital recruitment. Read more here.

Building a Robust Talent Pool: Advanced Techniques for Future-Ready Recruitment

The cornerstone of any successful business lies in its workforce. A robust and diversified talent pool can drastically improve a company's performance and productivity. Read more here.

4 Recruitment Marketing Strategies to Attract Talented Candidates

Recruiting talented candidates is a critical component for organisations seeking to increase productivity and grow. Read more here.

The Rise of Virtual Recruitment: Best Practices for Remote Hiring

The now in the pandemic had accelerated the trend towards virtual recruitment, with many organisations moving their recruitment process entirely online. Read more here.

Breaking Through Recruitment Plateaus: How to Keep Your Hiring Pipeline Moving

The recruitment process is an ongoing effort that requires a constant flow of candidates to keep the hiring pipeline moving. However, many organisations face recruitment plateaus, where they struggle to attract new candidates or keep their current candidates engaged. Read more here.

Recruitment 2.0: Adapting to the Talent Shortage in 2023

As the demand for skilled professionals continues to rise, recruiters and hiring managers are challenged with finding innovative strategies to attract and retain top talent. Read more here.

Recruiting for Non-HR Professionals in 2023

Recruiting talent is difficult. There is a global talent shortage which has made onboarding great talent difficult. Socio-economic pressures from the Ukraine and beyond are creating recessionary pressures on many businesses and economies. Read more here.

How EuroTechJobs Can Help You Find and Onboard The Right Talent

The selection of talent is defined by two co-existing processes, one is the shortlisting process and the other is the assessment process. Read more here.

The 8 Skills That Every Ambitious Recruiter Must Master

The best recruiters have a particular set of skills to be able to rise above the noise and recruit the top 5% talent. But what sets these ambitious types apart? Read more here.

How Resilience can Increase your Hiring Power

According to a study, recruiters have the most stressful job in the world. Stringent deadlines, high expectations and a recruitment process that can be thrown off for any number of reasons. Read more here.

STEM Recruitment 

Recruiting Women in STEM

It’s a boom time for STEM recruiters but how can you get the best talent for the job? It is possible by tackling gender bias head on. Read more here.

Building an Adaptable Workforce

With a shortage of candidates for STEM roles how do you attract and hire the best talent available? Think about building an adaptable workforce… Read more here.

How to Recruit Research Scientists

The shortage of high skilled candidates across the scientific sector is never far from the headlines. Read more here.

Recruiting Graduates

Creating Career Satisfaction for Graduates - A Recruiter Perspective

How is it possible to ensure graduates feel satisfied in their role and with their future career prospects  - and therefore more likely to stay? Read more here.

Recruiting Generation Z

The competition for top talent is certainly very high at the moment and we've been looking into Recruiting Generation Z. Read more here.


What Motivates Us at Work - and What this Means for Recruiters

Research has identified three pillars of motivation at work: Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose. Read more here.

Six Employee Appreciation Ideas for 2023

Employee appreciation is a crucial aspect of any successful business. When employees feel valued and appreciated, they are more likely to be motivated, engaged, and productive. Read more here.

Why Recognition is Crucial for Onboarding Talent -  What Can Your Organisation Do?

Talent recognition is a central defence against employee churn. This is backed up by research and surveys that highlight how much employees value recognition as a motive for remaining with a current employer. Read more here.

Why Employers Need to Think About Mental Health Wellness When Developing Recruitment Strategies in 2023

In this article we will explore the role mental wellbeing will play in future organisation recruitment strategies and why employees should be focussed on mental wellness and wellbeing. Read more here.

How Employers Can Appeal to Social Issue Driven Employees

This new cadre of employees are interested in different workplace experiences. They factor a new type of organisational culture - one that fits with their own worldview. Read more here.


Employer Branding & Climate Change: 3 Ways Businesses Can Find Talent and Help Tackle Climate Change

Prospective employees are more and more focused on functional and practical efforts to help reduce human impact on climate change. Read more here.

Five Ways that Remote Work Supports your Organisation's Sustainability Goals

The demand for increased flexibility and a new way of working is how the work culture has been growing in the last decade or so. Read more here.

4 Reasons Jobseekers will Choose Sustainable Organisations

More people than ever before are developing a greater awareness of the importance of protecting our environment, and eco-conscious job seekers are becoming the norm amongst the Millennial sector of the market. Read more here.

Four Tips for a Greener Hiring Strategy

In the coming years, any organisation dedicated to environmental and climate change issues will continue to become more important to candidates, especially those from Gen Z. Read more here.

How an ATS Can Help Your Journey towards HRM Sustainability

Methods of early talent acquisition in their current form aren’t sustainable in the long term. Read more here.

Hire the Best Sustainability-focused Employees

Recruiters are increasingly being challenged in the modern world to find the best talent in sustainability and with an increasing talent shortage due to a lack of candidates and high demand for roles, how can you find and hire the best sustainability professionals? Read more here.

Sustainable Recruiting: How to Hire the Best Talent From Each Generation

Sustainability is a booming sector for recruitment and the competition is fierce to find the best talent. Read more here.

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