ENASE 2024

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Date: 28 April 2024

Time: To be announced

Duration: 2 days

Location: Angers, France

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Organiser: ESEO

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The mission of ENASE (Evaluation of Novel Approaches to Software Engineering) is to be a prime international forum to discuss and publish research findings and IT industry experiences with relation to novel approaches to software engineering. The conference acknowledges evolution in systems and software thinking due to contemporary shifts of computing paradigm to e-services, cloud computing, mobile connectivity, business processes, and societal participation. By publishing the latest research on novel approaches to software engineering and by evaluating them against systems and software quality criteria, ENASE conferences advance knowledge and research in software engineering, including and emphasizing service-oriented, business-process driven, and ubiquitous mobile computing. ENASE aims at identifying most hopeful trends and proposing new directions for consideration by researchers and practitioners involved in large-scale systems and software development, integration, deployment, delivery, maintenance and evolution.


1 . Theory and Practice of Systems and Applications Development;
2 . Challenges and Novel Approaches to Systems and Software Engineering (SSE);
3 . Systems and Software Quality;
4 . Systems and Software Engineering (SSE) for Emerging Domains.


Leszek Maciaszek, Macquarie Univ., Sydney, Australia and Wroclaw Univ. of Economics and Business, Poland


Hermann Kaindl, TU Wien, Univ. for Continuing Education Krems, Vienna Univ. of Economics and Business, Austri
Mike Mannion, Glasgow Caledonian University, United Kingdom

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